Deep domain skills in the automotive industry where change is endemic, but the opportunities huge.


We are constantly evolving our products, services and solutions. We lead. We do not follow. See our work on an automotive Blockchain.

Agile and Dynamic

We push to be agile and dynamic; to be responsive to the ever-changing industry landscape and to help our clients maximise opportunities.



Automotive Specialists

At our core is our extensive experience in the automotive industry; with dedicated teams at PHM working for Manufacturers, National Sales Companies and Dealerships. This has given us a wealth of experience in how to increase sales and the effectiveness of sales channels.



Subject Matter Experts

Only when you fully understand something can you effectively promote and sell it. So we strive to become subject matter experts, generating a deep and comprehensive knowledge of product technology. IoT. Digital transformation. Electric Vehicles. Connected Car. Autonomous drive. Mobility Services. Blockchain.



Established and Experienced In-house team

28 years of hard earned experience. We know what works and what doesn’t.

We have our knowledge, skills and experience in one central location. This gives us flexibility, efficient issue resolution and excellent communications; providing our client an effective, first class service.



Multinational Expertise

PHM develop programmes, but we also have the expertise, experience and proven processes to make the programmes directly relevant to each market. We work with our clients’ National Sales Companies to create market-specific content; ensuring the programmes are fully utilised, reducing costs and increasing effectiveness.

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