We develop Learning, Apps and engaging Content to increase sales channel effectiveness.

With over 26 years developing solutions in the automotive industry, we have a wealth of experience and expertise to apply the right technologies and processes to help our clients sell more, and sell more profitably. PHM’s work is deployed in 107 countries, in 29 different languages. We have translation and localisation management expertise which is vital for the effective delivery of multinational programmes.

At our core is our extensive experience in the automotive industry. PHM was set up 26 years ago to help OEMs sell more.
That’s given us a wealth of experience on how to increase sales and the effectiveness of sales channels. 

Dedicated teams at PHM have worked for Manufacturers, National Sales Companies and Dealerships. We are passionate about cars, trucks and bikes and we believe it shows in our work. The automotive world is changing significantly and we are at the vanguard of these changes, from the new customer journey to the connected car. 

Only when you fully understand something can you effectively promote and sell it.

So we strive to become subject matter experts, generating a deep and comprehensive knowledge of the product or platform. We are also innovators, applying new ideas and technologies, and generating our own solutions to meet our clients individual needs. This unique approach makes complex and variable products easy to understand for our clients and their customers, boosting sales channel effectiveness and customer engagement .

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