About Us

We are leaders in the application of technology to increase effectiveness, in the automotive sector.

We have the knowledge and innovative spirit to create effective digital content and the experience to know how and where it should be deployed, to deliver maximum impact.

Our work is deployed across 107 countries, in 29 languages.

We have translation and localisation expertise which is vital for the effective delivery of multinational programmes.

We deploy scalable and portable delivery systems.

We have been established for 25 years.

Our multilingual, multinational team have OEM, NSC and Dealer experience.

We are innovators!

Our Work

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A cost effective way to equip multinational sales teams to sell against the competition

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The world is going mobile.
We have proven expertise in using this dynamic delivery system to improve sales channel performance

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Asset Creation

As technologies become more and more sophisticated and complex, we use film and animation assets to simplify the complicated, for Customers, Dealers, Press and all stakeholders.


At the start of every project, we aim to become experts in our client's new product, service or process.

We believe that the more we know about the subject, the more effective the finished project will be.

We interview Engineers and Designers to gain a full understanding of the product, how it works and its benefits to the customer. From this knowledge gained, we create comprehensive documentation which explains everything we have learnt, in concise, simple language.

Our clients use this documentation to inform a varied range of departments, which adds value to the process.

This firm knowledge base, coupled with proven instructional design and exciting engagement techniques such as scenarios, 3D environments and interactions leads to the creation of effective eLearning tools with high production standards, which can be developed for use in pre-launch, launch and post launch product phases, via various delivery methods (eLearning, mobile, desk based etc).

It is designed to be translated into multiple languages and then 'localised' to make it relevant to market needs.


Our work in mobile is in two main areas:

The first is the development of apps that support a Sales Executive in presenting a product and its benefits in any customer interaction. This can include explanations of complex technologies, accessories and how they look when fitted to a vehicle and comparisons with key competitors.

The second is to deliver information and customer offers specific to the product that the Sales Executive is presenting to the customer, which will enable him to close more sales. This can include quarterly campaign information, details of sales incentives etc. All delivered in real time. Thus increasing his effectiveness and the overall effectiveness of the sales channel itself.

As Innovators, particularly in the use of mobile in enterprise, we will:

Develop a strategy for your move into mobile.

Write the specification.

Build the app/mobile system.

Translate and localise the app to make it relevant to local markets.

Launch and deploy the app.

Manage behavioural change.

Ensure sustainment

Asset Creation

Our in-house team, PHM Studios, create film and animation assets to ‘simplify the complicated’.

We work hard to develop concepts that are immersive and engaging, to explain ever evolving vehicle technologies and driver connectivity features in visually simple language.


Interview engineers to understand the technology, how it works and it's customer benefits.

Produce a creative treatment

Produce storyboards

Produce animatics - to provide a draft animation

Produce the final film/animation asset


In Our Own Words

David McCreery
Provides an introduction to our eLearning

David McCreery
Talks about our eLearning development process

David McCreery
Explains how we translate and localise our eLearning

Jonathan Nash
Gives an introduction to our mobile work

Jonathan Nash
Explains how we deploy our apps and mobile systems.

David Todman
Talks about reasons for setting up the PHM Studios

David Todman
Explains the complexity of the Volvo XC90

David Todman
Describes how PHM Studios have become a 'one stop shop'

Funny moments with the managers during the filming

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