Technology Animations


To create a series of car technology animations that could visually represent and describe technologies without the need for on screen text or market adaptation. Volvo wanted to increase product and technology awareness without the concern of translation and localisation costs.



PHM gained a thorough understanding of the new technologies, through Engineer and Designer interviews. This knowledge enabled our creative and 3D animation teams to explain the technologies in simple terms, with high production values.

By using a generic vehicle exterior, a single animation could be used for several Volvo models.

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A series of 100+ engaging, informative and multinational animations were produced for Volvo.
The animations described the functions from a benefit-led perspective, rather than just a technical overview.
By avoiding any on-screen copy or use of a voice-over, the animations could be used globally without further adaptation or additional cost.

PHM’s animations for Volvo have featured on, PR and Marketing, Training and Development and are extensively used by 3rd parties.  They have also featured in online car reviews and the Sunday Times where they have had over 500,000 + YouTube impressions.

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