Our Expertise


To sell more your workforce needs to be well informed!

We specialise in supporting the automotive industry, we create content that informs Sales Personnel and that improves the channel of communication they have with HQ.

Our content that relays the right information, at the right time, via the preferred delivery method, be it web, mobile, print or face to face.

Utilising our in-house training expertise and our knowledge of all thing’s car, we support our clients in not just creating content but also in gathering the information required to create the content. And we don’t stop there!

PHM have extensive experience in creating Pan European content which is translated and adapted for utilisation nationally and globally.

To help you understand better how we work, below are some of the key stages in the content creation lifecycle.

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Discovery Phase

When approved product information is not available at project initiation we undertake a ‘Discovery Phase’, here we work with Engineers, Brand Teams and Internal Stakeholders to find out all we can about the product. We become your Product Specialist!


Key Messages and Objectives

We document the products key features and customer benefits to create key messages and training objectives. Once we know what is being delivered, we can better advise on how to deliver it!


Content Creation

Our Project Managers ensure a smooth process of delivery and assign our in-house resource to create your content; this could be eLearning, Video, Technical Animations, Printed Materials or Launch Event materials (to name but a few).


Translation and Localisation

From the outset we always ensure content we develop can be adapted to reach your entire workforce, locally, nationally or globally. Where required, we take your Pan European approved content and work with National Sales Companies to create and approve market specific deliverables.

If you have a content challenge on your hands contact us so we can discuss how we can help you.


We offer innovative and engaging technology solutions!

Going Mobile?

If you’re considering mobile as a delivery channel, it’s likely someone has suggested “let’s do that with an app”. But understanding the problem, the audience and the data that drives “the app”, can sometimes fall by the wayside (not forgetting the budget of course!).

We have an in-house mobile development team that work across a broad spectrum of technologies to suggest the right solution to your problem.

This could be a Native mobile app, a Hybrid mobile app, a Web app or even a Progressive web app.
And it’s not just apps!

From platforms to software development kits, our team of qualified and enthusiastic Developers are always looking at new technologies on the horizon.

How We Work

Our methodology is that the best way of delivering a software solution is to implement a combination of Lean Software Development practices, Agile practices and DevOps practices.

To help you understand better how we work, below are some of our key practices.

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Minimal Viable Product (MVP)

A Minimum Viable Product, or MVP, is a solution with the minimum feature set to satisfy our customers. We release the simplest version of this vision in the quickest time possible, then iterate to an improved solution.


Scrum Sprint

One of our fundamental practices is the Scrum sprint, we use a 2-week window to deliver a set of features that will add value to the platform and our customers. The sprint process helps eliminate waste by having a very small planning horizon and should the priorities change for the project, our development team can adapt much faster.


Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)

This process enables the developer to commit their changes and for the feature to be built automatically and deployed to our QA environment for approval and deployment to Live. Our platforms are always fully containerised, this ensures our QA and Live environments are always identical. This gives us 100% confidence, that our deployments work as soon as they are released.

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All of our apps are shipped with Analytics built in. This allows to us to learn how our app is used, to adapt our infrastructure accordingly to our customers’ needs and to improve the user experience and the applications’ features.

To find out more about what we’re doing and how we can help you, contact us for a chat!


We want your biggest challenges!

At PHM we take a consultative approach. We do not believe that one size fits all, in fact we know one size rarely fits more than one!

We love our work and that means we want to do the best we can for each client and each project. But to start out we have to understand our client and understand their problem. Only then can we work to find an appropriate solution. These solutions range from work we do, to processes we advise you to put in place to get the best out of what you have now.

It’s about everything automotive for us and right now, it’s more exciting and complex than ever, and we love it!

So what is it we do, that could help you?

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We communicate

It’s what we do best:

Strategy that delivers a return
Creative that turns heads
Technology that solves problems
Marketing that works
Programmes that create value

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We are Global

In 30 years we have:

Delivered programmes in over 100 countries
Created content in 32 languages
Been represented by 12 nationalities


We are experts

This is our industry:

We have worked in Global OEMs right through to local retailers
We have worked in the UK, in Europe and in APAC
We have launched products, delivered TV campaigns, deployed programmes, improved performance and more…

To find out more about how we could help you, contact us for a chat!