MG ZS EV - TV Advert


MG Motor UK launched an all new SUV September 2019. To challenge the perception that an Electric Vehicle is not for ‘me’. The other electric vehicles might not be, but the MG ZS EV is great value, fun, practical and the car the customer wants.



We designed and produced a TV commercial with our partner agency Limegreentangerine to deliver a strong start to sales of the MG ZS EV. Reflecting the core pillars of MG focusing on value, family, practicality and fun. Creating a stand-out concept from a standard ‘car ad’, with its animatic design and hitting home that the MG ZS EV is really for everyone. October 7, 2019 saw the release of the ad across UK TV stations.


MG have already secured over 2000 orders from customers eager to make the transition to zero emissions motoring. Pre-registrations were sold out before the MG ZS EV hit the UK dealers. On the first day the ad was launched, 1000 dealer searches were made on the website and the MG ZS EV reservation button was pressed over 150 times.

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Client Testimonials

Daniel Gregorious, Head of Sales & Marketing MG Motor UK says:

Working with the PHM Group on this project has been fantastic, right from the initial pitch process through to implementation – they not only saw the importance of brand, tone of voice, and storytelling, but also needing to produce a commercial which is aligned with our overall sales strategy.
The result is a stunning commercial which we feel completely encapsulates our brand and will speak to our target audiences in the right way.”

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