Colour the Road


MG had low brand awareness and therefore low product awareness. Known for old MG’s and vintage cars, not for new cars.

With an updated version of the MG3 launching in August 2018, MG wanted to communicate to the UK market that low prices didn’t mean cheap and that their products offer good value for money.



After brainstorming with our partner agency Limegreentangerine and establishing the pillars of MG we produced a creative concept; Colour the Road, which became MG UK’s tagline and with it came a whole new look and feel that gave MG UK a new brand identity.

With this new creative concept, the updated MG3 was launched in 2018. We created above and below the line marketing materials to promote the MG3. From there we broadened Colour the Road on to MG’s other models, including the MG ZS and their first all-electric vehicle the MG ZS EV.

Each quarter we refresh the look and feel and create a set of deliverables, which we know work well for MG. On top of the business as usual assets, we also work with MG closely to establish and create new deliverables based on the ever-changing market and the demand where needed. These can include offer based promotional assets, to digital page skins to be used on competitor reviews.

2018-08-23 17_25_45-J15843 MG 48sht_Aug_P.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.jpg


Colour the road is, bright, striking, distinctive and fun. The creative shows MG as a fun brand, but also communicates to the customer MG’s good value. The bold logo represented the 7 Year warranty and highlighted the high spec of the model, whilst also indicating the excellent prices, showing just how much, you get for your money with an MG.

MG were the fastest growing car manufacturer in 2018 in the UK. Selling nearly double the amount of cars MG registered in 2017.

In July 2019, MG UK achieved its 21st consecutive month of growth. This continued success means MG maintains the top position of fastest growing car manufacturer in the UK. As of July 2019, MG UK has increased sales by 44% compared to 2018.


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