Powerful information and sales argumentation, instantly.


Brands are increasing their ranges exponentially. More products to meet niche requirements. Dealer Sales personnel need to be able to access up to date product information to be able to engage customers who have researched their product options online.

Ford of Europe approached us to create a sales tool that could provide dealer sales executives with information on the Ford range of vehicles, their technologies and their key competitors. Our app developers, UI creative team and account personnel worked to develop the Ford Interactive Sales Aid (FISA); an application that instantly provides all the information that a dealer sales executive requires to make a sale, on a smartphone, tablet or PC.


Customer Qualification

Quickly and easily qualify customers and match them to the vehicle that best suits their requirements.

Competitor Comparison

Compare a Ford vehicle against its key competitor for powerful sales argumentation.

Technology Animations

Easy to understand animations that describe the complex technologies on a vehicle in an informative and concise manner.




A professionally equipped Dealer Sales Executive, with all the answers to hand, converts more customers to sales.