Electric Vehicle Fast Fact


With ever more complicated technologies being built into vehicles and the increased complexity of the vehicles themselves, Kia Motors Europe needed a simple yet effective way to explain these technologies quickly and easily to a broad multimarket audience.



The KIA Electric Vehicle ‘Fast Fact’ was commissioned by PHM for Kia Motors Europe as part of a series of animations that described in clear and concise detail how different vehicle technologies work and also the benefits of these technologies to customers.

Our Instructional Designers and 3D artists worked closely with Kia Motors Europe to gain an in-depth understanding Kia’s Electric Vehicle design and functionality. This knowledge was then visually translated by our team to produce a clean, simple but highly engaging animation. We also worked directly with Kia Motors European Markets to create language versions of the animation, quickly and cost effectively.

KIA_image 4.jpg


The Electric Vehicle Fast Fact was well received by both Kia Motors Europe and also the various European Markets who commissioned their own language versions.

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