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PHM have seen first-hand the challenges facing our clients in the Automotive industry.

What we sell, how we sell it and who we sell to is changing. The focus has shifted from ICE to EVs, from vehicles
you drive to vehicles that drive you, from stand-alone to connected cars, from dealer to online and from owners
to users.

How people learn is changing. Binge Education does not work; learning is lost within a few weeks.  There is a requirement for small, engaging bites of learning at timed intervals to build on knowledge obtained and to allow the application of this knowledge.

Changes have started and will accelerate over the next few years, the profitable retailer of the future will earn across the value chain.  An OEM’s ability to react fast and to simplify complexity will be instrumental in its success.



ConnectSP was developed specifically to meet the needs of the global automotive industry and provides a viable solution to the rapid and dynamic changes in communication processes between a brand and retailer.

ConnectSP is a mobile application which;

Utilises the relationship employees have with their mobile phones; it creates a cut through communication cascade to increase effectiveness and reduce costs.

Has a wide range of possible uses.  From communicating brand news, competitor intelligence, quarterly campaign details, customer offers and finance, through to product launch support including; reveal teasers, training, event notifications and management of invitees, calendar links/directions, workshop quizzes and
product updates.

Unlike other channels of communication, supports immediate feedback from frontline staff to NSC or HQ level via the utilization of targeted surveys.

Through mandated usage and correct adoption, will create an efficient and effective, well-informed, community of engaged employees, that feel connected to the brand.



For Employees ConnectSP integrates learning and development into normal daily business practice.  It delivers a variety of job role specific content feeds directly to the application on their mobile device.

For Markets or Brands ConnectSP is a tool to engage with their workforce via targeted (and job role specific) content feeds.  It allows feeds to be created in the CMS in minutes and published to ConnectSP immediately.  Reporting allows markets to monitor usage and measure performance.

For HQ ConnectSP is a management tool that can provide ‘at-a-glance’ reporting and performance by employee, dealership, zone, region and market. ConnectSP also allows the centre to distribute content feeds to dealer sales personnel without the requirement for market adaptation.  Point of sale feedback and pro-active management of communications and issues is supported as standard.

For the Organisation ConnectSP creates an efficient and effective, well-informed, community of engaged employees, that feel connected to the brand.

To find out how ConnectSP can help your organisation train and communicate quickly and effectively contact us now.

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