FordStore Introduction eLearning.

Prior to the launch of the exciting new FordStore concept, we were asked by Ford to create an eLearning course to familiarise Sales Teams with the different areas of the new store and the ideas behind the concept.


Volvo Technology Animations

For over three years, our in-house team have provided Volvo with beautiful, high quality animations to explain the wide and varied technologies that are available in their premium vehicles.
These animations have been so successful that PHM have become Preferred Supplier of Animation for VCC globally.

FAST (Ford Accessory Sales Tool) app

Dealers recognise the important of Accessory sales revenue. FAST provides them with instant accessory information, images and prices at their fingertips.

KIA Sportage Product Launch eLearning

We were commissioned by KIA to create an eLearning course to introduce Dealers to the All-New Sportage, prior to its launch in January 2016. We based our eLearning concept on KIAs ‘Hero’ TV advert for the new model.

Ford RS

Our team created an animation for the launch of the new Ford Focus RS. The project was time critical as the animation was to be used at the Geneva 2015 Motor Show. There were very few images of the car at the time so many of the assets used in the animation had to be created and modelled from scratch.

Ford Handover App Concept

A sales tool that helps Dealers provide a useful and informative new product handover experience for customers. 

FISA (Ford Interactive Sales Aid)

Launching in June 2016, FISA is Ford of Europe’s new Product app for use with customers in Dealerships. Built in-house and Powered by MobileSP, FISA gives Sales Teams all the information they need, in one place to sell successfully.