PHM are leaders in the development and use of digital technologies to increase sales channel effectiveness. 

We’re known as innovators, constantly evolving our products and services to meet our clients needs. Our development and animation teams are in-house and we have the translation and localisation expertise which is vital for the effective delivery of multinational programmes. We use our understanding to develop effective learning, apps and digital content which is used to train, entertain and engage our clients, their dealer networks and customers. Our solutions are designed to work together or can be provided individually. We know where and when to deploy our services to create maximum impact.


We Speak Your Language

Effective multinational deployments take more than simple translation of text.

They take into account different product specifications, cultural variations and different competitor landscapes. PHM have the expertise, experience and proven processes for the effective development of market specific content, ensuring that what is deployed is directly relevant to that market. This increases effectiveness and reduces costs in the duplication often associated with local markets adapting centrally developed materials.

Usability Testing 

How We Work

We believe the more you understand the subject, the more effective the result.

We work directly with the designers, engineers and product managers to become experts on our client’s products.
We conduct interviews and gain hands-on experience to develop a full understanding of the features and benefits. The resulting knowledge base is often used by our clients as an added-value resource. This in-depth knowledge is then applied to our work, whether it is an engaging eLearning course, an app to aid sales staff, or a high production-value promotional animation.

and you know what else?

We still have a lot of fun and hopefully benefit our favourite charities along the way!